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Программа управления светом FOS Technologies FORTIUS PRO 1024

Тип управления: Программа управления светом
Кол-во каналов DMX: 1024

Control Feature:

Creation of multiple tabs for scene buttons
Creation of multiple tabs for groups of fixtures
Generate multiple DMX Effect automatically after adding Profiles
Instant and Real-Time control of all your lights in live
Automatic or Manually-customizable Scene Fading tool
Global Effects can be applied instantly to different type of fixtures
Edit Scenes in real-time whether DMX is "On" or "Off"
Customizable control faders with selective fixture management
Play several sequences, programs and channels simultaneously

Multimedia features:

Video and Audio Player included
Audio and Video Timeline for sound to light synchronization
Triggers and software control via Keys, Midi and DMX
Audio-Source Analysis to connect lights with the Beat of the music
Audio Triggers on channels, scenes and effects
Can play GIF file and AVI file animation on LED Matrix
Video Timeline displays AVI, JPG, BMP, PGN files

Audio and Video Timeline:

Accurate Stereo Timeline to synchronize your light sequences with Audio and video files.
Just load a multimedia file, add some markers and drop your scene buttons in the lines (keep the SHIFT key pressed). Create an unlimited number of lines and easily adjust the duration of your blocks.
The multimedia lines show the wave form of the audio signal. The wave form can be filtered and displayed by frequencies in Mono and Stereo signal.
15 minutes of Timeline show allowed with the Club DMX package.

Generate Global Effects Automatically:

Generate several DMX effects automatically after adding some fixtures in a new project. Create Pan/Tilt, RGBW, Dimmer, Shutter effects buttons immediately so that users can create and start a show in just a few seconds.
All the Effects are Global and can be applied to a selection of different lights or different Profile that can play the Effect.

Take Control in Live immedeatelly:

You can take control of your lights at anytime, all you have to do is select the fixtures or call a group of light via a shortcut key or Midi command, then choose the DMX values from the Preset or Channel controls. The values are applied immediately in Live and your light will respond instantly.
You can also edit and create new Scene and Effect buttons in a few click while user is playing something else in live.

Eyasy Quick Profile Editor:

Complete Profile Editor included, easy and fast to operate with more than 7,000 existing library or Profile files. Create easily the profile of your new light in a few steps to generate some Effects automatically.

Программа управления светом FOS Technologies FORTIUS PRO 1024

Импортер: Частное предприятие "ИНАУТ", 220112 г. Минск, ул. Прушинских 1-114 УНП 192358261

Гарантийное облуживание: Частное предприятие "ИНАУТ", 220112 г. Минск, ул. Прушинских 1-114 УНП 192358261

Производитель: FOS Technologies (адрес)

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Область применения:

  • Световое и лазерное шоу
  • Концертная или прокатная деятельность
  • Запись и воспроизведение световых шоу
  • Работает в стандарте DMX512
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