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Программа управления светом FOS Technologies FORTIUS Stand alone

Тип управления: Программа управления светом
Кол-во каналов DMX: 512

Technical Details:

Pro DMX + LED Player + Studio DMX compatible
30 minutes loop of Audio and Video Timeline with Pro DMX
1 ARTNET Universe
Windows, MAC Os X (10.6 and +) and Linux (64) compatible
2x512 Out PC and Stand Alone channels (using no PC)
Splitter mode 2x512 out
DMX in record and DMX in triggers (PC)
DMX merging signal in Stand Alone (in/out mode)
16 bits and fine channel management in Stand Alone
Automatic Scene Recovery if the power is accidently cut off
Cross Fade time between scenes in Stand Alone
Scene Speed, manual color (RGBW), page, Dimmer modes
8 trigger buttons with blue LED
4 buttons for Mode, valid, + and -
7 contact triggers to 5V (On, On/Off, Release or Restart scenes)
Real Time Clock triggers for scenes (Day, Week, Month, Year)
RS232 triggers in PC and Stand Alone
Master/Slave mode to interconnect and synchronize up to 32 interfaces in Stand Alone (32768 dmx channels without pc use)
Infrared Triggers via an external module + IR remote (Optional)
4 Mb of internal memory (min. capacity: 6,000 steps/512 ch)
Power input of 9 to 36V. (standard DC connector)
Black housing with 4 mounting holes, ABS Plastic
Mini USB 2.0 - 5V. DC
3 Pins XLR (XLR5 optional)
RJ45 connectors for I/O and triggers
Dimensions and Weight: H: 4 cm ; W: 14 cm ; L: 9 cm ; 0.2 Kgs
Operating temperatures: -25 to +70 Cº
Certifications: CE, RoHS

Импортер: Частное предприятие "ИНАУТ", 220112 г. Минск, ул. Прушинских 1-114 УНП 192358261

Гарантийное облуживание: Частное предприятие "ИНАУТ", 220112 г. Минск, ул. Прушинских 1-114 УНП 192358261

Производитель: FOS Technologies (адрес)

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Область применения:

  • Световое и лазерное шоу
  • Концертная или прокатная деятельность
  • Запись и воспроизведение световых шоу
  • Работает в стандарте DMX512
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