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Адрес: г. Минск, ул. Прушинских, 1-114

Эл. почта:,

Время работы:

с 9:00 до 17:00, сб. вс. - выходной

Поворотная голова FOS Technologies Chameleon

Light Source/Optics:

MSD Platinum 440w/20R type - Color Temperature 7800K
Average lifespan: 1500 Hours - Lamp ON / OFF (DMX or manual)
160mm diameter front lens
Beam aperture: 4-31° for fixed gobos / 6.7-50° zoom for rotating gobos
2.5° in Beam Mode (aperture and pipe effect)


CMY Color mixing
6 HQ dichroic indexable and interchangeable rotating gobos
18 + 1 fixed metal gobos
Advanced Animation Disc
Frost lens: wash effect
8 facet indexable and interchangeable prism
Linear indexable and interchangeable prism
0-100% linear high precision dimmer
Mechanical shutter and strobe effect
Linear Focus
2m – Infinity


Choice of 2 DMX modes (30/34 DMX channels) Data in/out: 3 pin XLR, 5 pin XLR
Pan: 540° (16 bit) electric correction
Tilt: 240° (16 bit) electric correction
Pan/Tilt - lock mechanism
Touch Screen LCD display for accessing the setup menu
Main settings include pan/tilt reverse and speed, reset, motor adjust, etc.
Information menu include lamp hours, software version, etc

Power Supply/ Installation:

110 to 230 Volts – 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 700 Watt
Powercon in/out (cables included)

Two side handles for transportation Omega clamps with fast-lock Safety cable (incuded)
Operating positions: all (device on floor or fixed to a support)
Maximum permitted ambient temperature (Ta max): 45°C (113°F)
Minimum permitted ambient temperature authorized (Ta min): -10°C (14°F)
Minimum usage distance: 3 m
Dimesions: 46 x 32,3 x 57,4 cm
Weight: 30 kg

Поворотная голова FOS Technologies Chameleon

Импортер: Частное предприятие "ИНАУТ", 220077 г.Минск пр-д Ташкентский 12-17, УНП 192358261

Гарантийное облуживание: Частное предприятие "ИНАУТ", 220077 г. Минск пр-д Ташкентский 12-17, УНП 192358261

Производитель: FOS Technologies (адрес)

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  • световое сопровождение концертов
  • для заливки светом сцен, объектов
  • для художественной подсветки помещений, декораций
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